The Company Policy represents the "thought" of the Management and is kept up to date to ensure its adequacy to market trends, corporate guidelines and interactions with the surrounding environment.

Durante & Vivan is committed to conduct business responsibly and in solidarity with the protection of the interests of its workers and the environment within which it operates. The actions carried out in this direction are the implementation of a management system which complies with the requirements contained in the standards EN ISO 9001:2015 and EN ISO 14001:2015 and its upholding over time. Durante & Vivan is also dedicated in giving visibility to its commitment through appropriate means of communication both inside and outside the Company as well as to share with the public its Policy . The cornerstone of the Policy is the foundation on which its management system was built and designed to achieve the goals set by the Management.

The objectives and targets of the Executive Board – hence of the whole company – are amended from time to time in accordance to the continuous development and improvements introduced by the evolution of the company. Namely they are the consolidation and evolution of its market by ensuring that operational priorities in the development of products and services are determined by the pursuit of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, the further development of the management system and compliance with the applicable compulsory rules and environmental regulations on pollution prevention.

The continuous improvement through the implementation of yearly plans leads to a focus on the optimization of the company's performance. The effectiveness of the improvement and management actions are ensured by the involvement of all staff through continuous training and awareness on corporate developments and on matters related to hygiene and safety in the workplace . To achieve the proposed objectives we cannot ignore the internal aspects related to the development of the integration among business units, the logics of a process-oriented approach, the reduction of the product non-conformities through continuous monitoring from raw materials to finished product, the maximization of performances for each internal department , the integration of major suppliers in new product development .

A strong awareness of suppliers and – whenever possible – a preference towards those who respect the environment are being implemented to minimize the environmental impacts connected, albeit indirectly, with the company’s business.

Durante & Vivan engages in the testing of new formulations with the aim of reducing environmental impact. The manufacture of products through the use of raw materials from renewable sources alongside products that can be applied at lower temperatures leads to a reduction of greenhouse gas and hazardous substances’ emissions as well as to higher energy savings.

Durante & Vivan believes in the importance of training and allows students still engaged in their studies to take a glimpse of the professional world, offering the opportunity to spend a period of training in the laboratory of research and development. The Management also emphasizes the constant efforts towards improving the work environment, safety and protection of environment, constantly raising the awareness of company staff towards the use of new technologies.

Periodic reviews of the Management System verify the compliance with Policy and running procedures, ensuring the continuous monitoring of the course of actions planned to achieve the objectives.

Ghirano di Prata, 28th November 2017

Tarcisio Durante