50 years ago, by the beautiful vineyards of Friuli, the brothers Luigi and Tarcisio Durante seized the business opportunities offered by a market looking for quality and expertise in the assembly and finish of furniture. After 50 years their family jewel has become a major player in the Italian market and one of the main references in the European stage of adhesives for wood and paper products.
International partnerships are in place, today Durante & Dynea Shanghai and Durante & Vivan Turkey, represent the commercial outposts in emerging markets.
With a turnover of 40 million euro, a growth of 10% last year, Durante & Vivan is the bright example of Italian culture of enterprise, a model that responds without compromise to the golden rules of success: Creativity, Men and Innovation.

The growth and expansion of a company depend on the authenticity and quality of production.
Today, Durante & Vivan is a flexible and evolved business which takes on the challenges of the present with a clear vision of its own future. The current economic climate forces us to rethink our development models, and from this lesson we can advance in the financial system with the awareness that we are learning and also providing an example for everybody.